Rental Luxury Private Pool Villa in Lonavala, Maharashtra with full time In House Service
Rental Luxury Private Pool Villa in Lonavala, Maharashtra with full time In House Service

Rental Luxury Private Pool Villa in Lonavala, Maharashtra with full time In House Service

Rent a Luxury Private Pool Villa in Lonavala, Maharashtra with full time In House Service by Prasad Jambhulkar

Lonavala Bungalow are working from 3 years in this field and always trying to give best and reasonable to our guest. because now we have 3000+ community so we have also work accordingly to them as well as see the budgets.

The lonavala bungalow gives villa in lonavala on rent includes premium and luxurious cottages, farmhouse and rooms. so now you will get the how lonavala bungalow set prices of there villas and bungalows. basically public came for spending some quality time and hangout with there family or friends. so today here you will get the exact lonavala villa price.

different people different minds

Today your following doubts will be clear here,

  1. How the price set of villas?
  2. How to select villa?
  3. Which villa should we take?
  4. Which right villa for us?
  5. How to reached on villa?
  6. what the check in & out time?

Lonavala Villa Price

  1.  villa with good view and location includes Ac bedroom, Private Pool, Music, Caretaker. upto 12 guest price you will get on weekend  12k to 15k & weekday 6k to 8k. villa will be 3bhk or 4bhk. you will also called starter package of this category who set by lonavala bungalow.
  2. villa you want luxurious and lavish with good looking location mountain view or greenery area then you pay for this on weekend 15k to 18k & weekday 10k to 13k upto 12 members. includes games activities, speaker, caretaker, cook on demand and villa you will get in this price 3bhk or 4bhk
  3. property you want lush and want feel you just enter and getting mad of this then this category will help you from starting rate 15k to 25k upto 12 members can accommodate in this budget. includes all basic amenities with wifi, music system 24hr caretaker. from 3bhk to 5bhk villa you will get in this category.
  4. if your approach for antique and some like palace property from 25k to 40k then this will perfect option to you. this category for familiar who want big garden area and pool for chilling session and some qaulity time with your family. upto 20 people can stay in this budget and villa will be 5bhk to 6bhk. also you have option individual cook on chargeable basis.

(note the all rates are selected members if members increases price will be increases by per person)

How To Choose Your Villa/Category.

  1. if your group of 12 people or something and you want villa for party and chilling session then you should go for 3bhkor 4bhk villa.
  2. family or bachelor trip and you want villa for 20 people then 4,5bhk villa should you perfect and also 20 members also easily accommodate here.
  3. for couple 2bhk or 1bhk option also provide by Lonavala bungalow with garden areas.
  4. any big event like birthday party or marriage event you should try palace or 6bhk villas with huge garden so it will be suitable to you.


  1. Your booking will not confirm till you not get booking confirmation mail by Lonavala bungalow.
  2. All villas provided by Lonavala bungalow is totally private.
  3. All villas have ac bedroom, caretaker and music system.
  4. Food will be provided on all villa by our restaurant you can also bring from outside on chargeble basis.
  5. All villa clean and filterized Pool water daily due to covid19.
  6. 24hr Call support.

How To Reach

  1. From Mumbai to Lonavala is 1 hr 37 min (83.1 km)
  2. From Pune to Lonavala 1 hr 10 min (64.9 km)
  3. In booking confirmation mail you get location. so you just have to follow that and come on villa .
  4. The caretaker will guide you always when you call him for any problem of reaching on villa.

Check In & Check Out

  1. Due to daily bookings you can’t extend your time.
  2. Check In time will be fixed on 1.00 PM afternoon.
  3. Check Out time will be fixed 11.00 AM morning.
  4. if you want to extent then you will have to pay for that.

I hope you get all idea about loanavala bungalow and dont get any issue while booking or taking services of our community. contact for any query.

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